We custom make curtains with an extensive range of designs to choose from.


Blinds are decorative and functional with a wide variety of styles to pick from.


A big selection of wallpapers and wall art to choose from, both for residential and corporate.

Premium Home Décor Services

Looking for a fresh new look for the curtains in your home? Why not call us for a free No obligation Quote and Consultations? At Decorative Curtains, we offer an in house consultation with expert knowledgeable advise in the comfort of your home. We custom make curtains with a vast variety of designs to suit every individual needs.

We carry a wide and up-to-date variety of fabrics, blinds, wallpapers and accessories to choose from. Our complete package for window dressings includes: hardware, fabrics, blinds and installation. The companies aim is to provide excellent service at the best possible price. So sit back and let us transform you home.

Decorative Curtains for the Modern Home

Modern Curtains are a decorative way of keep your home private. They add to the theme and décor of your home yet conceal the windows elegantly. At Decorative Curtains we want to grant your décor wishes with our range of Designer Curtains. Our beautiful drapes and modern blinds are designed with you in mind. Every modern home owner has a certain decorative style in mind when it comes to furnishing and decorating their home. Therefore our range has a design suitable for you.

We also understand that the colours you choose to decorate your home were chosen with joyful emotions and your draping need to match those colours.

At Decorative Curtains we believe that quality is the main element for modern window dressings and blinds. Your window dressings will be on display in your home for years to come, therefore those that are made of quality materials are essential for any modern home. The second element is the design itself. The style, colour and pattern are what create a beautiful design. It sets one design apart from another. We have a variety of different colours to choose from which include an assortment of shades extending from cream, white, black and grey to blue, green, yellow, red, pink and purple. For those who love metallic colours, we have a multiplicity of options for you too.

If you’re looking for stunning curtains or blinds that will match your décor then you’ve come to the right place. We invite you to view the rest of our website and contact us with your Decorative Curtain and Blinds requirements.

We custom make curtains with an extensive range of curtain designs to choose from

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