Bedding and Linen

Our premium home décor services includes bedding and linen for your bedroom. If you want to complete a specific décor style with the inclusion of the curtains and the bedding, then we can assist you. It is our goal to give you a décor service that completes the style you have in mind.

Linen is usually considered to be durable and strong whilst being beautiful and versatile. It can be used for curtains, blinds and for other sewing and bedding projects. Here at Decorative Curtains we have an extensive range of bedding and linen such as Sheeting Linen, Holland Linen and Blended Linen.

Whatever the style of your bedroom, you’re sure to find the right linen for you.

There is an array of colours available from soft pastel shades to bold and bright colours. For the more adventurous there are mixed colours and patterns available. If you have a specific decorative style in mind, let us know so that we can assist you with finding the best linen option for you.

We use durable linen in the making of bedding. Also if you require the linen for your own projects, we can supply you with your choice of linen.


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