New Upholstery & Reupholstery


Whether you’re looking for new upholstery & reupholstery for your very first second hand find we can help or if you enjoy redecorating then we can assist. If you are a regular second hand furniture bargain hunter and need to renovate that old furniture then reupholstery is a great way to do it. Even if you want to tackle every piece of furniture in your home, we can assist you with getting it done. Reupholstering your used furniture is a great way to give your home a face lift. Give your home a fresh updated look.

Our ideas for combining different fabrics and using patterns, textures, plains as well as colours will open your eyes to all of the incredible ways you can give your old or used furniture new life. Re-upholstery means a major revamp. So the furniture is stripped down to its frame and then rebuilt which explains the project’s cost. The end result is a new piece of furniture though.

We offer furniture upholstery on new furniture as well. If you need custom designs and fabric for your new furniture upholstery then get in touch with us. Create a whole new look for your old furniture so let your imagine run away with you. Decorate your home or office the way you want to with furniture that fits in with the design created.

We do new upholstery & reupholstery of the following furniture items:
Headboards, Chairs, Couches, Lounge Suites, Sofas, Restaurant Furniture and Office Furniture.

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For more information: Tel: 083 560 8033 / 083 417 8038
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